Kitesurfing has become very very popular, all along the coast one can see the kites flying in the air, wind permitting, obviously!



The Kite comunity is using the beaches JAVEA, MORAIRA, CALPE, ALTEA all the way down to the MAR MENOR, belonging to MURCIA already!

Courses to learn to manage the kite and enjoy all facetes of this dynamic sport are offered in every village! I am going to publish a list of federation approved kite instructors, make sure to learn it from them, they have insurances in case the wind slows down and you have to be rescued out on open sea….

during the summer months, you have to accept the few kite zones permitted, if you don’t, heavy fines are given by the police now, so please ask us if you want to know where and at what time you can kitesurf!

In the winter it is less problematic, when the beaches are empty and no swimmers in the water!